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  2. U can use Avast along with Malwarebytes and Comodo Firewall that is free, but got great results in defending your PC. And u can configure it to your satisfaction with ease.
    Avast! -- Free Antivirus
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -- helps you defeat Malware once and for all
    SUPERAntiSpyware -- Advanced Detection and Removal
    Comodo Internet Security -- The best free Firewall
  3. You can use the free Microsoft Security Essentials
  4. bit defender is best IMO
  5. I use Kaspersky - not had a problem yet. (It's free for me - employer picks up the tab). Tom's did an AV "showdown" just before Christmas - look for it.
  6. I would suggest the complete security suites from either Bit Defender of Checkpoint Software. The suites contain anti-virus, anti-mailware, firewall, download protection, antispam, parental controls, anti-phishing in ne well functioninga nd unobtrusive package..... and no remembering to do manual updates like on the free alternbatives

    $45 for 3 PC's

    $70 for 3 PC's

    If you download the free trail and don't buy at the end, you will get e-mail "reminders". Eventually the price drops about 45 days after expiration and that's the time to jump :) .... I have the suites installed on about two dozen computers and they require 0 administration time.
  7. Hi :)

    Personally I use Norton Internet Security 2012 ...and I fix viruses every day at my computer shops...that should tell you something....

    All the best Brett :)
  8. GDATA Internet Security Suite,the two for 1 solution.Bitdefender and Avast virus scanning engines under the same hood.
  9. I use eset smart security very light on resources.

    Independent results,not supported by AV software companies ^
  11. Avast is a good free antivirus. I use malwarebytes alongside avast and it works great.
    I just use windows firewall for windows 7. It is better than the XP firewall cause it has both inbound and outbound rules where XP had an inbound only firewall. Some people will disagree with me I am sure but the 7 firewall works good. But I am not against a security suite, most probably have a better firewall. Also if you have a decent router it may have its own firewall.
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