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Radeon 6950 vs GTX 560 ti?

Hey guys i going to be upgrading my graphics card and am having trouble deciding between the Radeon 6950 vs GTX 560 ti. Performance is important to me as i like to run all games on highest settings. and also RELIABILITY. So which card should i get?
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  1. my specs are:
    i5 2500k
    16gb ram
    gigabyte z-series mobo
    700w ocz pcu
  2. No please no. Not one of these questions again....
  3. so the gtx 560 ti is obviously a better choice?
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    TheGreek21 said:
    so the gtx 560 ti is obviously a better choice?

    got that from the chart did you??
    if yes then look at it again...its slightly in favour of the amd card.
    if no then ignore the line above :p

    Basically these two cards perform at par...the 6950 edges ahead slightly on higher resolutions and it should because its a high end derivative.

    Its only a matter of price you get and personal preference for amd or nvidia when choosing between the two.

    Keep in mind though that the 6950 being more powerful naturally would draw more power and be a bit noisy than its nVidia counterpart.
    Also the GTX560 Ti offers PhysX.

    Hope all this helps you.
  5. the 560 ti is actually more power hungry and neither should be loud or hot provided you get a good one with good cooling.

    also @ OP
    you made 3 topics on this already, we have told you everything you need to know in them. Flip a coin if you can't decide as both cards are good and neither will disappoint.
  6. I bought the 560ti msi twin frozr edition
  7. Good choice , great card, overclock that baby!
  8. nice it overclocks very well and cooler are awesome u will be just fine with that good choice.:)
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