Do wireless keyboards with backlight exist ?

Hey Tom's

Im searching for a new keyboard for my desktop pc, and it seems to be impossible to find a keyboard which fullfills the following requrements...

Wireless (2.4ghz)
Backlight (for use in the dark)

The reason why i need such a keyboard is beacause i usually use my computer from my bed which is around 6 meters away from the pc case itself (therefor wireless 2.4ghz is needed). Backlight explains itself - i often use it in dark.

I have found logitech k800 which seems perfect for me, but im on quite a tight budget and the k800 is about 85€ in my country..

Do you guys have any suggestions ? I cant even find a single keyboard other than the k800 that fits my needs.

Any help is appreciated...

Sorry for my bad english
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  1. There are a number of wired ones but the logitech K800 is the only w/less backlit keyboard that I'm aware of.
  2. Ah, what a damn shame, guess i'll have to wait till i can afford the k800 then.
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