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HD 6850 vs GTX 560ti| & |GTX 560ti vs HD 6950

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 26, 2012 8:24:23 AM

Hi Guys,
I just recently purchased a GTX 560ti OC; this model:

To replace my HD 6850;

Since i am not able to access my pc though because i am away, i was wondering what kind of performance increase i should be expecting, (if any,) over the HD 6850. From what ive been told this card, (GTX 560ti,) is a crazy performer for the price and has very good overclocking potential. I know these forums are extremely helpful and have alot of insight in terms of everything pc related, so i thought i would ask you guys. What kind of % are we looking at here?

On another note;
When choosing a new gpu i was stuck between the 560ti oc and the HD 6950, this model;

This card was only $5.00 more than the price of the 560ti, at a price of $285.00 AUD.

From what i was told they are both very similar in performance, and one card will only slightly preform better than the other depending on the game youre playing and if you have physX enabled. Did i get ripped off, or was this the truth lol.

a c 291 U Graphics card
January 26, 2012 9:03:57 AM

It is the truth. They perform very close to each other, and it depends on the game. Also, you get PhysX and better driver support, that's a bonus for getting an Nvidia card!

I'm not really sure how much performance you'd gain over HD6850 since I never owned one, but I've got the exact same GTX 560 Ti as you do. I could overclock it to 975 Core and 2175 memory stable to this moment, and I didn't try going higher because it currently maxes out any game I throw at it.

Hope I destroyed your doubts! =)

January 26, 2012 9:09:24 AM

did you have to increase the voltage? my friend also has the same one and told me you have to increase the voltage if youre oc'ing any higher than 950 core. He got hes to 950core/1900shader/2100mem but had to increase the voltage to 1.075mV, otherwise it artifacts. Ive also heard that they can get quite noisy, and sometimes suffer from coil whine.
a c 291 U Graphics card
January 26, 2012 9:41:37 AM

Yea I have it at 1075mV as well. It crashes for me with less voltage.

I don't hear the sound during games, though I play with speakers on.