IOGEAR KVM Mouse and Screen Problems

Hi everyone, I got an IOGEAR GCS932UB KVM switch to which I'm trying to connect both a PC and a MacBook Pro and I have issues with both.

On the PC the screen and (wired) keyboard seem to be recognized just fine, but my Logitech G5 (wired) mouse is not working. It does have it's lights on so it does get power, but I can't make it work. I tried different USB ports on the PC and also tried to switch between the mouse and keyboard ports on the KVM, but still the keyboard works and the mouse doesn't.

On the MacBook the mouse isn't working either and also I get a blank screen with just the background picture while there are some windows opened on the computer.

Any ideas how to fix these issues?
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  1. Logitech G5 mouse is a "multi-end-point" USB device (in technical team). That means the mouse will not work with the KVM switch (like your KVM switch) using keyboard mouse "emulation", because the emulation firmware of it only emulation connected keyboard or mouse as "standard" keyboard or mouse.

    I, myself, had been successfully using USB DDM (Dynamic Devices Mapping)-based KVM switch to share Logitech G9 mouse (also multi-end-point" USB device) and Logitech wireless unifying keyboard with my MacBook Pro and Windows 7 system.

    The video also give you the proof of others' testing results:
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