Samsung 256gb, Error ID 109 in Event Viewer. Please Help?

Hello all, I seem to have quite an annoying issue here. My samsung 830 ssd (256 gb) was working excellently and last night for some reason it decided to no longer boot at the nice speed at which it did before.

Now I believe it is still performing up to par in the OS environment due to my AS SSD score being 724, although I have not seen many others to compare to.

Now down to business.

The system originally would boot in a time of 15-16 seconds. however, after this error:

The boot time jumped to around 30 seconds.
The error occurred yesterday night, and I believe I played around with Samsung's SSD Magician Utility, allowed it to "Optimize" the OS, however I am not sure if this was at the time of the reported error

Here is what I've tried so you may dismiss possible solutions

-Flash Bios
-Update SSD Firmware (was already the Latest)
-Re-Optimize through SSD Magician
-Disable Prefetch and Superfetch in regedit
-Unplug My optical Drive from the SATA3 port
-Unplug the SSD, allow the system to enter bios, turn off, then plug in again, to no avail.
-reinstall Intel AHCI Drivers (i think. their site is such a mess its hard to know you've done it right.)
-Lastly I uninstalled SSD Magician hoping that the program was the cause of the error, yet that is a no as well.

Hopefully someone will be able to help me out, without the solution being a fresh install
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  1. whens the last time you let trim run?
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