CPU frequently dropping core speed.

Hello there everyone.

For a while now my computer hasnt been playing ball, the main problem lies within the processor. Before i explain the problem ill drop down my setup:

Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition With a coolermaster cpu fan.
Radeon 6870
8gig of corsair ram
XFX pro 550watt PSU

Now the problem lies in the fact my CPU seems to be cutting back its power at regular intervals while it is under load, this mainly happens when gaming, but sometimes happens when my computer is idle. The core speed reduces, and the core voltage i have noticed takes a dip resulting in momentary choppiness for around 30seconds to a minute, then reverts to normal for a little while and rears its ugly head again. Whilst gaming its infuriating, i have tried all sorts of solutions and i am starting to become stumped.

Solutions i have tried so far:

-Checking temperatures, so far more cpu ranges between a temperature between 35-55c which is more than optimal and remains in this sort of range when under load, and idle. It never goes above 55degrees c.
-Disabling Cool 'n Quiet in the motherboard bios screen, this has proved fruitless and produced no results.
-Changing my power settings to 'Performance' in the system setup
-Playing around with ram to see if it was perhaps a memory leak somewhere, the ram is indeed fine from what i can tell.
-Reducing my graphics settings to the lowest in my games (this also proved fruitless and the lag keeps returning)
-Checking my GPU temperatures (again its like a cool mountain stream in there)
-Updating all my drivers, and trying previous drivers.
-Cleaning inside the case to remove any dust that might be kicking around.

So as it stands at the moment it is a real poser for me, im totally stuck for ideas as to why this keeps occuring. Im noticing this happening playing BF3, Space Marine, Diablo 3.

One possibility that popped into my mind was the power supply, could my power supply be struggling a little? Right now im confused, any input would be fantastic.

I have a print screen here of cpu-z illustrating the problem before slowdown then during, the image to the right shows the processor working fine, then the image on the left shows what is happening when the cpu drops.


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  1. what motherboard?
  2. That should happen when the CPU is idle to save energy, i think its called coo l'n' quiet, underclocks the CPU to reduce energy consumption and heat output, it also is meant to do that if the CPU is getting to hot.

    Try stressing the CPU with a stressing or burning in software, see of any thing happens

    The voltage of the CPU drops as the frequency drops.

    About power supply, maybe, can't be certain.
  3. The motherboard is an Asus M5A78L MLX

    As mentioned in my original post, i have disabled cool 'n quiet, and it hasn't resolved the problem. As for heat its really not an issue, since the temperatures are between 35-55 degrees no higher not unless minor fluctuations are occurring that the temperature monitor isnt picking up. Theres a huge coolermaster cpu fan on top of it, so its like a cool mountain stream in there :P
  4. Hey mate, I have the exact same problem with the same CPU. In the off chance you read this, any update as to what you did to fix the problem?
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