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Sony CRX217E DVD/CD-R froze up while copying videos..I was trying to fill the disc completely and it quit responsding. Won't do anything now. I get The Wizard says" no disc in drive". All discs show as full. I've gone through everything I can find to try to fix with no results. Unplugged the wires and plugged back in, updated driver..was shown as up to date. Uninstalled driver and reinstalled.

I would just buy a new optical drive, but getting ready to buiild new computer and this board doesn't support SATA.. I don't want to buy two optical drives.

I really feel like there is a fix for this....just can't find it.

Thanks for any help on this.

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  1. Could someone tell me if CD-RW Drive (D) should be where Local Disk (C) is on this screenshot.


  2. No, This allows you to drag and drop files into a folder(stored on the C drive), and then burn them to the DVD RW drive. Is there a way to test your drive in another machine? Also depending on the timing, you could wait for the new machine, and then burn the files onto dvd with the new machine.
  3. The only other machine I have gives the black screen and the optical drive is just CD. The OS on my present machine is OEM so can't change what is needed for SATA and I'm buying parts as I can for the new build and money is scarce right now and don't want to buy a non SATA optical drive, then another SATA for new build. I've heard the SATA adapters aren't the way to go.

    This CD RW was working fine, but I was trying to fill the disc up 100% with little videos I had made with a new camera and I thought it stopped responding. It was taking so much longer than usual. I tried to stop it and got a message not to do it that it might ruin the disc. I waited a while longer and finally closed it and got a message it wasn't responding.

    Anyway, all I get now is to put in a readable disc. The trouble shooter says it's working and the Mocrosoft Fix It program says I've got unreadable media in it, However, I've tried CD's in that were working before, like Intel Software and printer software.
  4. Time to buy a sata dvd burner and an adapter.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151244 (w/free shipping)

    edit - PS - You do realize your Sony drive is CD's only right? You mention dvd a couple of times but your sony drive can't use them at all; read ot write.
  5. Yes, I bought DVD-R's first and found out the hard way. Worked good for a couple of CD's before it stopped.

    Do you think a new dvd burner with adapter will work..or could it be a problem with windows not recognizing, etc.
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