My computer randomly restarts... why?

This is a build from last last weekend. (3rd week of March.) I thought, and still am not 100% sure if the RAM is defective. I tried with the suspected RAM, it boots on and will play for like ever, but then the next day, it will fail under load after 5 minutes. It just depends on how the computer is 'feeling'. I DID overclock the CPU to 4.1GHz, then to 3.7GHz, now is @ stock 3.4GHz. (i5 2550k) I have 16GB (4x4GB) of 1600MHz G. Skill RIPJAWS RAM. What should I do? I am kinda stimped on why it does this. In the VERY begining, first 2-5 days of ownership, the computer was fine and never failed under load. (P.S. The computer has, and probably wont EVER fail while it is NOT under load.) The comp has never failed unless under load, like playng GTA or something.

System specs:

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-PRO/GEN3
Graphics card: (at the moment) GTX 560 Ti, will be getting the GTX 680 FTW Edition 4GB
CPU: i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz stock. No OC'ing at the moment...
Power Supply: Gold certified Cooler Master 800w silent pro PSU (will consider 1000w for x2 680...)
HDD: 3TB 7200rpm 64MB cache (Seagate Barracuda)
RAM: 16GB 1600MHz speed DDR3 (G. Skill RipJaws)
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  1. Did you adjust the voltages for the overclock and then not adjust them back to stock?
  2. What are your cpu temps reading? use a program like HWMonitor while gaming under load.
  3. Also, what CPU cooler are you using?
  4. kelthic said:
    Also, what CPU cooler are you using?

    I am using a stock Intel fan. as to NBE, O ***! I am going to change voltages back right now!

    EDIT: I put everything to stock in my P8Z68 motherboard, now voltages are normal.
  5. You should also monitor your temps. The stock intel fan is not really designed for any overclocking or higher voltages. Consider getting and some good thermal paste before you overclock again.
  6. kelthic, i have a H100 would that help?
  7. Just a update, since my last post the comp. has reset TWO times... sigh. I'm really sorry to rosh ya' guys, but could you please assist me A.S.A.P.? Thanks so much. IDK what I'd do without T's HW.
  8. I'm sorry OK for bumping this but voltages are not the problem, temps are not the problem, please guys I need your help more than ever.
  9. Sorry about the wait. The H100 would likely help with any temp related issues. I do not see where you listed your temps here yet? how are you checking them? have you done any burn in testing to ensure system stability? Is there any play in your CPU cooler (should be none)? Did you use the proper amount of thermal paste? using the pics in,3058-9.html as a reference, you should be able to know if you used too much or too little paste.
  10. Also, does the computer randomly reboot this under safe mode? Have you done a registry cleaner? All Bios/Updates installed?
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