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I am looking for an entire new build which I will be doing some Video Rendering and of course gaming. :) I am still deciding on what brand to get for the CPU. AMD or Intel? Heres what my build will be like, feel free to leave your opinions on it and remember to answer AMD or Intel for Gaming/Rendering! ;)

Purchase Date: In a month about.

Budget: $1200 - $1750

Country: Canada.

Buying Place: My local computer store. (Memory Express)

Overclocking? Nope.

Dual GPUS: Maybe in the future.

Color Scheme will be Red.


Now that you have an idea of what it might look like heres the build I kinda want. :D

Asus Maximus IV Extreme OR Crosshair IV Formula

Intel 2600K OR AMD Phenom II X6 1100T

Corsair 650D

Corsair Proffesional Series 800W

eVGA TI DS OR Radeon 6950

Corsair H80

Corsair Force III SSD 60GB ( Boot Drive)

Seagate 1TB


LGCH12 DVD Drive

Corsair Vengeance 8GB Red


Thanks for looking at this and again feel free to give me your opinion! :na:
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  1. Defintely go for the Intel processor, it just destroys the 1100T.

    Other than that pretty solid build.
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