Wondering if this computer with old cpu and ok graphics card can handl

Wondering if this computer with old cpu and ok graphics card can handle this game
"age of empires online"2010 newer than age of empires 3

Old cpu intel pentium d 940 3.20ghz, but ok graphics card HD 6850 Radeon, 4gb ram (ddr2), 320gb hard drive
I am unsure on how much the cpu matters when it comes to playing a game like this, the ram is older model ddr2, i am unsure on how much this matters aswell. Can someone help me out, thanks. i want to buy this computer on

what really matters when it comes to playing games like this, does it matter that it is a really bad cpu?
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  1. I can't give you a definitive answer, but it doesn't seem to be that demanding of a game. From what I read about it, the biggest problem seems to be from the internet connections. If your internet connection is bad, or anyone else in the game's internet connection is bad, then it lags.

    That being said, I don't think I would buy that computer. I don't know how much you intend to pay for it, but it isn't worth that much.
  2. If your buying it then i suggest you don't but if you already have it and getting a better card then you might have some problems when your like having lot's of units (if its a rts game which i think it is) can give you some lag or something
  3. this intel pentium d came out in 2006 and it is same as a socket 775 all those info are on the intel web site try to find something newer if you want to play games
  4. That computer is worth the cost of the 6850 as all the CPU (and likely case, motherboard, and power supply) is terrible and you will get lousy performance merely watching Youtube videos and using facebook.

    If you could provide us with a few more details of your situation, we could provide more help.
  5. i wanted to buy off of for $200, but now i won't because of what you guys said. I have $300 and i want to buy a desktop or laptop that can handle the game "Age of Empires Online" Which is newer than Age of Empires 3... obviously it would have to be used. I live in gta, durham region, oshawa, ontario canada. I really want a computer that can hadle this game for $300 or less...
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    People here are used to working with budgets a bit higher than that. With budgets that small we usually tell people to get a console (XBOX, PS3, WII) if they want to do gaming.

    Most people that come in here asking for what to get have at least about $600ish which covers all the bare minimum parts new.

    Needless to say we have a bar as to what is an acceptable gaming component that is set pretty high in relation to your budget.

    I am only saying this because I want you to understand that we know much more how new game A will play on new hardware A more than we know how well old game B will play on old hardware B.

    If you go on the regular AOEO Wiki and look at the minimum specs, the computer you asked about appears to meet the minimum qualifications, but we just don't really trust components that old to work for pretty much anything and even if they do we don't expect them to keep working for much longer if they are that old.

    Old components die after a while and to us it kinda sounds like you would be paying good money for a computer that may only work for another couple of months before some part breaks.

    Just trying to give you some insight into the thought processes of the people you are dealing with here.

    As for the game itself, most of us probably haven't played it and most that have probably won't randomly end up in this thread. If the title referenced the AOEO game itself, it might be more likely, but it doesn't at this point.

    What I can tell you is that it is hard to go out there and find information about which component in a computer is most likely to be a bottleneck in this game other than the network connection. I looked around and there was not one person I found that said anything about a sucky graphics card not working with the game or a sucky processor not working with the game or whatever else. Only the internet connections.

    Some did say it wasn't a very demanding game, take that for what you will.

    Honestly, if I had a budget of $300 or less, I would be looking on Craigslist for someone selling their old PC (can't get as much local as you could on, say, ebay) or think about buying a low end DELL or something with a Llano processor in it.
  7. Oh--well that's a TALL order. If you build it yourself, you can do it though. That would require the operating system being "free" as it is with this $200 machine.

    Used AM3 motherboard: $40
    Phenom II x2 or Athlon II x3 or better: $60
    Radeon 6850 (on sale): $120
    Agility 3 60GB: $55
    Cheap Case or Thermaltake V3 on sale: $35
    4GB DDR3: $22
    DVD: unnecessary/$17
    Corsair CX430 PSU: $16 on best sales, $25 today

    TOTAL: $352'll have to find a mobo/CPU bundle for $70. If the case is decent enough with that Pentium 4, you can buy that and reuse whatever's useful.

    EDIT: I still don't think that old machine is worth $200. And it looks like you'd need to recycle some parts from a friend or something to hit your $300 mark.
  8. Raiddin gave some great advice. Go Llano if you can find it in your price range.
  9. I'm closing this tab in my browser. PM me if you come back.
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  11. Hey look like I'm late, but I have a pentium D940 rig with a mere 9500GT card and 2Gb ram.

    My sad story is that I did the best I could to upgrade a compaq SR2163-WM (if you look it up it's an Athena-5 mobo from ECS) and it can only take 2Gb ram!

    I run CS4, and Falcon 4- BMS at 1280x1024 res no prob on this machine, whose original spec was a single core cpu at 3Ghz. It runs tons better now, and just the video card alone put my rendering at +33% FPS. With the Pentium D940 I got on Ebay for $30 with ship, now I have a dual core processor at 3.2Ghz and my machine rocks! cobblestones, but it doesn't just pebble along anymore.

    I think for this guy who isn't looking to do Quake or Doom- who has stated his needs clearly- many of you are guilty of sick snobbery about what an acceptable gaming is. The CPU he speaks of is plenty fast with 2 cores. Did y'all miss that a pentium D940 is dual core?

    With 4Gb ram and the Graphics card, perhaps investing in some ddr2 (800Mhz) is good, but I see nothing wrong with these specs for the game he wants as is.

    Kudos for a guy asking a specific question about a specific machine instead of "can someone recommend a decent computer to run xyz game for under $200?" seriously
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