Recomend a good 5.1 or 7.1 headset

Can anyone recomend a decent surround sound headset for gaming. been reading reviews an virtual surround is a no no unless im wrong. not sure if id notice the difference from 5.1 to 7.1 as long as its genuine surround. i have googled the subject loads an just get contradictory answers so i thought id ask you guys on here with first hand experience.
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  1. Hello !

    First off, do you own a sound card ? Because if you don't, unless you decide to buy a USB Headset, it's useless to pay for a high quality headset.

    Also, to answer one of your questions, the "surround" effect is virtual. It's all in the drivers. If the software is good, you'll be surprised by the results; I was. Before owning a 7.1 virtual headset, I didn't really believe in that. But then I bought one and it really makes a difference (in gaming, that is). When something is behind you, the sound seems to come from behind.

    If you own a sound card, you MUST NOT buy a USB headset. You have to buy one with audio jacks. Also, you won't have to install the headset's drivers, because the virtual surround will come from your sound card's drivers. I'd recommend the Sennheiser PC 330 (130$), the PC 333D (180$) or the PC 360 (210$).

    If you don't own a sound card, I'd go with the Sennheiser PC 163D (160$) or the PC 333D (180$). Both are USB headsets and feature an integrated sound card. Though not as good as a real sound card, it's better than onboard audio.

    Good shopping,
  2. My advice: Buy a decent stereo headset, a soundcard that can do virtalized surround, and use virtualized surround on the stereo headset.
  3. Sorry forgot to say no i dont own a sound card. That was going to be my next question as from the reviews i read some seemed to suggest a lot of headphones were going the usb wayas they were the same. From what you say an from other reviews sennheiser keeps getting mentioned so i'll start pricing them up here in the uk
  4. Think all the seinheisers are virtual like you say, has anyone had any experiance with genuine surround head sets with more than one speaker in each ear.
  5. there seems to be little diffrence between 5.1 and 7.1 i would recommend getting the tritton axpros they sell for around 170 but can get them cheaper on ebay you would also have to purchase a sound card unless using for the xbox or ps3
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