Any chance this processor would work with this motherboard?

My guessing this is a no.....

but sometimes has the outside of normal answer.

So I am trying to cheaply upgrade my girlfriends computer. She is using my old E-machine it has this motherboard

I am finding it hard to get info on it.

but AM2 socket.

I've upgraded most of the syystem.

450W PSU
4GB of RAM

At this point the real dog of the system is the CPU.

I have a:

AMD Phenom II X2 B50

That I could use in the system but a AM3 processor is a no go for a AM2 socket right? :o

There is no backward capability to that.

If it won't work any idea what processor would be a budget gaming choice to get for a AM2 socket?

or should I just pony up for a new motherboard?
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  1. Ponying up for a new MB means getting new memory also. And also, the old IDE hard drive and optical storage will have to go in favor of SATA drives...
  2. Well luckily the HD is SATA but I am pretty sure the DVD-R is IDE. I am still wondering if I could reuse the processor.
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