6850 PowerColor?

Hey guys, I canceled my GTX 460 order and ordered the Radeon 6850 1GB. But they told me that they don't have the stock version anymore, only the PowerColor version with the exact same price..

Now they told me that PowerColor is good and known, and since they have the same price, getting the PowerColor will be no difference from the normal Sapphire one.

Is that true? Should I go with the PowerColor version since there is no difference? Or do you think that the PowerColor has dis-advantages over the normal one?

Its Full Name: PowerColor Radeon 6850 1GB GDDR5

Thanks! :)
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  1. I hate powerColor, i love saphire and MSI... saphire and msi overclock the best. so if your are going to overclock (6850 is a great card to do because you can push it to 1Ghz from around 800mhz) i have the MSI version of the card and its great the only problem is the micro stuttering makes the game look lagy unless above 60fps
  2. Powercolor is known, but usually not for good reasons. Not saying its a bad card but I've heard lots of stories of VRM over heating. I wouldn't OC it, and try to keep it dust free.
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