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I am a complete firewall novice, so be warned. Anyway, I have an nForce 3 250 Gb chipset motherboard, and I'm using the onboard nVidia/Forceware firewall. Under this firewall my antivirus program doesn't want to update by contacting the manufacturer's website. The recommendation by the antivirus company is to set a few different files in the firewall settings as always safe to allow access to the internet.

How in the hell would I go about doing this? I have tried adjusting the 3 different basic config settings (High, medium and low security) to no avail. Using the Windows XP firewall it works properly, but when I turn on the Forceware firewall (after turning the Windows one off) the problem arises. Thus, the problem seems Forceware firewall related. The help file has little information in setting programs as safe, rather just adjusting IP settings.

Can anybody explain how to do this, or refer me to a manual of sorts for this firewall? I appreciate the help and can find no documentation whatsoever in spite of searching.

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  1. I'm not sure how close the nForce3 firewall is to the nForce4 firewall but just in case it is close this is what I do. Usually what it does is when an application requests network access it pops up with a little thing in the bottom right hand corner asking whether I want to allow it network access. Otherwise I just go to the webconfig, find the allow section, and select the .exe files of all the apps I want to have network access. Just add your antivirus apps .exe file to the allow list.

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  2. Oh, Folken, would the nForce 3 version had such a sensible interface. It doesn't do what you describe. I can find nothing in the help section of the webinterface that lists allowed programs. That would have been too much like right to have such an intuitive interface.

    Thanks for the reply, though.
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