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hey everyone

over the past few days the buttons on the top of the forums (ie. my threads,read topics) are not working for me. i seem to have isolated the issue is only happening with the opera web browser. i am currently using opera 11.60 and these buttons have worked in the past on it. i have tried this on multiple computers with the same version of opera and still the same effect. i did try delketing cookies and temp data too with no effect

is anyone else having this issue with opera. this issue does not seem to be happening with chrome
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  1. Is it that the buttons themselves aren't working, or don't show up at all? Is there an error message, or are they not clickable?
  2. the buttons don't work at all when clicking on them. no error messages.
  3. Look at the bottom of the browser. Usually towards the bottom left. Is there and error icon?

  4. I tried to report a post yesterday and three times, I got bounced back one page.

  5. no errors or error icons at all
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