Should this work?

Hello everyone, just wondering if my set up would work. I have an Antec 430W PSU.

I have

OEM Dell mATX mobo
Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66Ghz
4 GB of RAM
1 DVD drive
1 memory card reader
Geforce GTX 550 Ti
2 HDDs (I think they both run at 7200RPM)
4 case fans.

It worked with the old set up that I had the only thing I changed is the computer case and 2 additional fan.

I used a calculator online and it said 382W recommended. Should the current PSU be enough to run the machine?
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    Case fans are not very power hungry, so unless you've got an extreme number of them (eg 20) they won't affect the power consumption of your machine and therefore your choice of PSU.
  2. You should be fine with that size Antec PSU.
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