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I'm new to building, and have just recently finished putting it together. However, when booted up, the computer only stays on for a few seconds, beeps one short (indicating success) and the powers off. From then on, it continues a cycle of powering off and on at erratic intervals, however it does not beep at all during this phase.

I did follow this guide before posting this - [...] o-problems , however if you think it is one of these solutions don't be hesitant to say it. There's no harm in trying it again, rite?

I'm thinking it is a PSU problem - I turned the supply switch on and off again repeatedly to turn off the computer off due to a cpu fan problem.

I replaced the CMOS battery, and tried booting it with only one stick of RAM as well. Also, the bootscreen shows when powered up, but I can't get into any of the menus before it powers down.

My build:

Zalman Z11 Plus
Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3
i5 2500k
Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti OC
Thermaltake TR2 600w
G.SKILL Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
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  1. whats this cpu fan issue you speak of?
  2. Try bread boarding just the motherboard, CPU/Cooler, RAM, PSU, Monitor. See if you can boot to into BIOS. If not, I'm thinking it is a faulty motherboard.
  3. Alright, the motherboard it is. I'm returning it now, it might, just maybe because I've recently discovered the cpu fan to be improperly installed by the guys I've gotten the board from... heh
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