How to change fan speed in BIOS?

I went to H/W monitor and it does not show fan 1, fan 2, fan 3 etc. it only shows 3/4 pin option, min fan speed option and desired fan speed.
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  1. Can you post your config, please? Some motherboard manufacturers have it in a different way.
  2. you mean my entire system? my Mobo is K9N6PGM2-V2
  3. If you want to change it, modify the min fan speed and desired fan speed, they function as they describe. Reduce the minimum and set the desired fan speed to a minimal setting, it will automatically increase fan speed as cpu load and heat increase.
  4. I want to lower my fan speed because it is constantly at 4500 rpms
  5. Ok, reduce the minimum speed and set the default to either auto or minimum.
  6. there is no default option, only the 3 that I said then there is PC health status which I can't access.
  7. Well, did you reduce the minimum?
  8. Yes I did, It seems like the cpu fan is always going on max no matter what, I don't know why.
  9. Well, that is all you can do from bios then, try the rest with speedfan as suggested in the previous set of posts.
  10. By reducing the minimum speed in BIOS, you gain more control of the speed in speedfan
  11. In speed fan, It is not fanspeed1, fanspeed2 etc when I open it up. it is PWM1, PWM 2.
  12. ok, change those then, it will do the same thing
  13. Nothing happens. the RPM stays the same.
  14. so you set all three of them down to zero and had no change?
  15. Yup. This is crazy, I don't know why it is not working
  16. Than your particular motherboard isn't compatible with speedfan and therefore, probably incompatible with any other fan speed controllers. If it is really bugging you, you can get yourself a hardware fan controller, or you can get a new heatsink for your cpu. I am guessing that you have a oem heatsink right? 80mm fan and it's pretty noisy.
  17. Yup, if I bought another heatsink which I am thinking about doing, Would it still run on max or no?
  18. After looking at your mobo specs I found this comment "but my system fans keep running at full speed. Have to use SpeedFan to keep the processor fan at 2000 rpms. Replaced one fan with a quiet molex-powered fan because SF wouldn't work with it. However, Scythe makes good fan control modules, so I'm going to invest in one soon."
  19. possibly, but if you get a heatsink that is larger than 80mm's then it won't be as loud. The greatest way to know how loud a heatsink's fan will be is to look at the max dB it can output. anything past 30 dB or dBi can be considered noisy. Stock heatsinks run at about 38 dB.
  20. something like this with only a 28 dB max would be ideal
  21. On my mobo, there is a square box around the heatsink, is it possible that a tx3 could fit in it?
  22. a tx3?
  23. Coolermaster tx3 its a heatsink I was looking at.
  24. 17 - 35 dBA is the tx3's noise level. I would definetly opt for the XIGMATEK I showed you, much less noise. As for it fitting, it all depends on how big your case is.
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