If i connect a sound card to xbox 360 will it work

i connected a sound card with my xbox 360 i doesnt work what should i do?
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  1. You can't. Not even sure why you would even bother trying...

    Unless it was specifically made for it.
  2. what driver would/could you use.
  3. No, the things that probably work on a X360 is a removable storage device, wireless adapter, controllers, MP3/MP4 players (not apple devices), Xbox 360 HD dvd player, kinect and other stuff made for or designed to work on an xbox, there is no way to install drivers as the xbox uses a custom OS.
  4. You could if you have a version of the 360 with an optical output. You could connect to the optical input of a soundcard, and output using that.

    Note though, most soundcards lack the ability to decode Dolby audio comming in over the SPDIF port, so you'll be limited to just 2.0 using that setup.
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