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friends...I hav i7 2600k 3.4...and asus p8h61mlx motherboard...i am a student doing animation....when i render something...my cpu goes to 60-70C and a warning appears on the screen...the computer never shut down on this but im really worried that it will damage my cpu....i have a very cheap case and no extra fans....my question is what the problem is...many people told that is bcoz of cheap motherboard...????is this possible....???i m planning to change my case and installing new cooler master cpu fan...plz help me out..if this is going to work...then only i will look forward to it.....plz reply i need help....
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  1. Max recommended package (CPU) temp is 72C, so unless it got to that, it's perfectly fine. Also, the absolute max core temp is 98C (it'll throttle at that temp), so 60's and even lower 70's is OK. It's actually fine to go a bit over 72C, you just don't want to be in the mid to upper 80's and above for long periods.

    And the mobo shouldn't have anything to do with the CPU temps. I wouldn't have gotten that board myself with that CPU, but it's not because of anything heat related. Just because you can't OC with it and it's a "K" CPU that's pretty much made to OC.
  2. You are fine at those temperatures.

    On the Intel® Core™ i7-2600 is a final shut off, called the Thermtrip which will shut the processor off before it is damaged at 125c. Of course if you are reaching this temperature odds are that you have damaged something else.
  3. ^^So the Max temp before Sandy chips get damaged is 125C?
  4. to the op try this open your case side doors up before you render. if you start getting that warning turn a small fan on and have it blow over the mb. if the mb stays cools with just the sides off then you need new fans or more airflow.
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