Graphics problem, only in two games, rest works fine. Help :S

I've just put my new computer together last week, but i'm having some graphic problems now, but it only happens in some games, not all.

The setup is this:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 2,4ghz (scythe shuriken cooler)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3V (rev. 1.3)
Graphic: Gainward Geforce GTX295 1792mb
Memory: Corsair 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz (2x4GB) XMS3
PSU: OCZ 600W ModXStream Pro
HDD: Seagate 7200rpm 500gb
Case: Silverstone SUGO SG02-F

My issue:
Lets start with Dota 2, when i play the game then it sometimes goes all fine and sometimes it just goes total crazy, for an example: I start playing and then some freeze spikes appears, where the screen gives a fast black flicker and the spike lasts 1sec or so. And it keeps doing it every 5-10min, and sometimes it ends up crashing me to the desktop, just like i hit the desktop button and i need to use the task manager to close the game and start it up. One time it crashes and the error with "Graphic driver did not respond and so on." Sometimes the shadows goes wrong aswell and it flickers in the game.

The other issue is when i play BF2BC, i get the white screen of death, sometimes after 30-60min and sometimes after just 5min into the game. I've tried everything and nothing works.

The weird thing is i've tried to play League of Legends, BF3 and MW3 and they dont crash, they work all fine.

My temperatures for the graphic card tops at 85 degrees on full load, so dont think its a heat issue as the GTX295 goes high in degrees.

I've tried installing the 285 driver and the 290 beta, they just do the same, i've also tried with no driver installed at all, and still same issue.

Hope there is someone out there who can help as this really bugs me :/
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  1. I can't comment on Dota, but it sounds like a program glitch. With regard to BF BC2. I had this problem with Nvidia drivers for ever, I had to switch to AMD to get Rid of it. You can google it, but to my knowledge there is still not a guaranteed fix for it.
  2. I have gotten issues like that before. used to i just re-installed BC2 when i got those issues because the game code when it was written to the hard drive and installed it was curupt. so at times i have had to re-install it 5 times in roder for the erros to be clean free. But with origin installing the game for you basically now that cuts out the possibility of erros, try re-installing it. As for Dota 2, i don't know anything about the game, and never played it so i don't know bout that one.
  3. I've been trying with two different harddrives that had clean installs of OS and Steam, but the issue still happens, so don't think a new reinstall again will fix the problem.
  4. This is kinda messed up because you actually have the same exact build that I had when I had this problem. I swapped everything out like a month later and the problem when a way. Do you have a friend with a video card you could try? If the problem goes away with a different GPU. Theres your answer.
  5. Okay i maybe found out there problem. I've just reinstalled my Steam totally and only got Dota 2 installed. I just played a game with no problems, but what i did was set my GTX295 to "Disable multi-GPU mode". Then i tried set it to "Maximize 3D perforance" and then Dota 2 got totally crazy as i just started it up, the sound flickered, the screen went purple, green and alot of different colors, and then i went out and switched it back to disable it, started Dota 2 up and no problems.
    Lets hope that was the problem and hope the performance will stay the same as if it was multi gpu mode.

    Thanks for the replies anyway, was about to put this graphic card in the oven on 250 degrees so it just could go away! haha! :)
  6. I went from a 280GTX to a HD6970 I am not sorry. Its a great card. Best of luck.
  7. Well the price is abit higher aswell heh :) Got this card cheap so its fine.
    Im waiting for the new series 7xxx ati before i buy a new card :)
  8. So as i found out its the multi-gpu mode that is the problem. But the bad thing is that the performance in Bad Company 2 is really bad when its running on single-gpu. Anyone knows how i can fix this problem with Steam games not being able to run multi-gpu? Really hope someone can help
  9. So problem wasnt fixed with single-gpu:
    Bad Company 2 apparently crashes still, so it didnt fix the problem...

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