New graphics card (latest gen) or Crossfire what I have already?

I have an MSI R6950 HD 2GB card in my PC...

im playing the new Star wars game and it's all good until PVP/OPERATIONS (10+ players raiding), then my frames per second take a massive hit. Also a similar thing happens in 'fleet' <<< a high player populated area.

I have a 6 core phenom II processor 2800Mhz 1055t with 8GB ram.

I want to upgrade/replace..

I could buy a brand new card and replace, or crossfire another MSI R6950 HD 2GB card.
I've been considering the GTX 580 or 590, or perhaps even the Radeon 6990

Any preferences? suggestions? ideas?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. The 6950 should be fine for that game. Much more likely than needing more graphics power is that the slow clockspeed of your CPU is holding you back. Consider overclocking your CPU or swapping it out with a PII x4 975/980. A high clockspeed quad is a much better choice for gaming. Also are you sure you are not just experiencing server lag?
  2. Hey,

    thanks for the reply. definitely not server lag, but the CPU recommendation has also been mentioned. A friend of mine helped me build the PC and perhaps it was an oversight on his behalf. My CPU is overclocked using ASUS AI SUITE II, I ramped it up to 3360Mhz (20% extra)

    I assume RE: the CPU, all i'll need to do is take out the processor chip and replace with another!? My mobo is ASUS M5A99X EVO so i guess that's all good.

    Note.. when playing I have (and would like to keep) my settings on HIGH.. although at times I turn off shadows.

  3. Yep if you replace the CPU it would just be a matter of installing it in your same motherboard. A 970/975/980 would help quite a bit. You can also overclock these chips a bit.

    Do you have aftermarket cooling? If so you could probably overclock what you have even more. I know the Phenom II chips max out at about 4Ghz. I have never overclocked a Thuban but I think you should be able to get at least 3.8Ghz out of what you have. A good cooler like the Hyper 212+ or Hyper 212 Evo cost alot less than a new CPU.

    Your board will work with just about any Socket AM3+ CPU.
  4. Inbetween your replies, ive been checking out benchmarks, kind of wish i'd gone intel now.

    I appreciate your advice and since your replies ive been looking at the 960, 970 and 980 black editions.
    The PC I built was my first one, I put way more research into the GPU then just chose what CPU seemed to be 'high spec' yet now it appears I may have been better off Quad'ing the PC as AMD 'got it right' with them CPU's for gaming.

    Live and learn and all that!

    Thank you :)
  5. No problem. Glad to help. :)
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