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Hi, I've just received a new desktop pc running an AMD A8-3870K processor. However, it's very noisy, all my other pc's are very quiet. Is this normal for this processor or is there something malfunctioning/ missing or is it another component? Thanks
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  1. APUs or processors don't make noise, the fans make noise.

    Check your temps with core temp.http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
  2. CPUs do not make noise unless there is something horribly wrong with it to the point of also communicating via light and smoke signals.

    Fans are the dominant noise source in most PCs, usually followed by HDDs. You'll have to determine which fan/hdd/whatever is generating the most noise and look at options to mitigate that noise. For fans, the BIOS has fan profile configuration usually offering "Quiet", "Normal" and "Performance" options with Quiet obviously expected to produce the quietest results and Performance having the highest likelihood of being quite noisy.
  3. My 3870K is dead silent, only a slight hum. How are your temps?
  4. Don't know temps and can't install coretemp as suggested.Don't know temps and can't install coretemp as suggested.
  5. How come?
  6. The install software insallation cannot complete pop-up box keeps appearing therefore exiting the installation without completing.
  7. Try this one-http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/SysInfo/Real_Temp/

    Not core temp, another temp monitor.
  8. Can't open the Real Temp or Real TempGT only the i7 TurboGT from the downloaded folder
  9. Found one, its the hardware monitor, gives the speeds and temps of all components
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