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Hello everybody. Since this question as been confounding me and I cannot find an answer for it anywhere else on the net or in any user guide, I thought that I'd turn to asking about it directly.

I recently have built my own computer, however the part I'm having a problem with is the case. It's a Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition case, and inside it has a plug that I cannot find a proper port for on my Motherboard (ASUS M5A88-V EVO)

There is a black plug, (20 pin, female) labeled USB 3.0, and it's connected to the top panel of my case, as well as (I believe anyway) three of my fans.

Any help as to where I can find the place to plug it?
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  1. Apparently I can't read, therefore it is late, I'm going to sleep. sry.
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    Short answer you can't. Your board is older and even though it has 2 usb 3 ports, back then there was no standard yet for an internal usb3 header. Therefore your motherboard only has the older usb2 headers and none for usb3 (didn't exist afterall).

    What many people did instead, and many case manufactures did, was use a ghetto approach and just ran a regular usb3 cable through the case, outside the back panel and into the motherboard, to feed the front panel usb3 ports.

    Alternatively you can a.) buy a newer 990 or similar motherboard with usb3 header, or use a usb3 addon card that has an 20pin usb3 socket like this
  3. Your motherboard does not have an internal connector for USB 3

    you can buy an adapter to connect it to a USB 2 header on the mb
  4. gary1 said:
    It would help if you told us your MOBO :)

    Usually it's labeled on the motherboard.

    ASUS M5A88-V EVO is the motherboard. Though the closest I could find to a label was the USB 3.0 label for the I/O 3.0 slots
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  6. Outlander_04 said:

    you can buy an adapter to connect it to a USB 2 header on the mb

    Never seen that before, link plx :)
  7. Supermuncher85 said:
    Never seen that before, link plx :)

    There are cases that ship with included adapters that allow the front usb 3 ports to connect to usb 2 headers so they can be used when the mb has no internal usb 3
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