If a video card has ddr5 type memory is that what kind of ram i need to buy?Also

if a video card has ddr5 type memory is that what kind of ram i need to buy?Also Is a Amd Phenom II x4 quad core 965 3.7 good enough to run a GeForce gtx 560 Ti 250$ one at its highest potential . And would 8gb of ram be suffice? Sorry but i have to ask would a thermal take TR2 rx 750w be able to handle these specs? and is a msi 870a-g54 am3 motherboard able to support all of this, basically what im lookinga t getting is a good gaming computer able to run diablo 3 at its highest setting with pandora/youtube etc in the background. Also my hard drive would be Western digitcal caviar 1TB 7200 rrm 32mb cache sata 3.0 gb/s 3.5 internal hard drive enough or should i upgrade to the 64 cache, if so what does the extra cache do? That is all im asking not alot huh? :P anyway im new to buying a computer as im only 17 and need help from an expert basically the cost of all this is 1k and im trying to get the best for the price im spending, going down in price would be great aswell.
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  1. there is no such thing as DDR5 RAM does that answer your question and I'm 14 :P just build my new gaming computer. 8gb of ram is plenty if you get DDR3 1333mhz to 2000mhz. you picked a good mobo DDR3 support and core unlocker with good overclocking bios. MSI is an ok brand for mobos Asus is the best :D. Extra Cache allows you to access the DATA faster. i don't know what your drive is so ... 560TI is overkill for a video card just to play Diablo 3 :P But still it's a good card. Your PSU is 750 W with probably I'm guessing 60 Amps on the 12v rail. it has a single 12v which is good. It is 80 Plus Bronze Efficiency So ti has been certified and to boot it is modular you will be very happy with your rig. Hope I answered your Questions.
  2. 8Gb of DDR3 ram is what you want. The GTX560 Ti is a great match for that cpu, anything less and you'll be bottlenecking it. If you dont already have the power supply, dont get that one. Thermaltake isnt all that great. They are kind in the middle.. not low end, but there are definately better units available for a reasonable price. A Corsair, XFX, Antec,OCZ, Seasonic 500 unit is all you need
  3. To mirror what GI_JONES said, Thermaltake is a horrible brand and the TR2 line is about the worst model line in the whole Thermaltake brand. Avoid this PSU like the plague.

    An XFX 450w would provide more and cleaner power than that TR2 750w can.

    The 7850 will beat the 560 TI for the same price and it is current gen technology. You should get that instead.

    RAM - Get CT2KIT51264BA1339 RAM. Yes 8 GB of RAM will work and it should be the kind I just said. Not all RAM is equal. The kind I said has the lowest failure rates of any.

    Hard Drive - I wouldn't go crazy getting super high storage sizes or trying to get the maximum possible cache. In reality, a 7200 RPM drive with 500 GBs of storage and 32 mbs or even 16 mbs of cache is good enough for most people and it costs a lot less usually.

    Also, just a side note, most people who have $1000 budgets usually end up with Intel cores because they just perform better.

    You should click the link in my signature to see what I suggest people get with $1000 and compare to what you are looking at. The build in my signature is about the best way to spend $1000 on a gaming computer. There are builds at other price points as well, depending on what you are including in the total cost figures.

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    When I want to explain to people how bad a PSU can possibly be, I always point to the Thermaltake TR2 750w. Just sayin.

    I am not the only one, either. Here is a review from one of the top 2 review sites on the internet:


    The graphs on page 7 are a good demonstration of what the dirtiest possible power looks like. I have never seen a worse set of graphs than those.
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  4. ^ This.

    The Thermaltake TR2 750w PSU is so bad it can damage your motherboard and graphics card. DO NOT buy one.
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