Help choosing good/budget psu .

Hi , next week i'm buying a HD7850 and also need a new PSU .

I have : i5 650 ,6GB 1333Mhz Ram (3 Sticks) , only the cpu fan , 1 DVD and 1 Hard Drive.

Also , if i wanted to Crossfire in the future , what psu would u recommend ?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. AMD recommends 600 Watts for X-fired 7850's.

    Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650V2.
  2. Using eXtreme Power Supply Calculator,

    1 HD 7850....about 350 watts
    2 HD 7850....about 430 watts

    Personally, I would get a 550+ watt PS. 650 OCZ ZS650W is a good budget PS...80 Plus Bronze certified. Review here:
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