NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Problems

Hey there, I'm having problems with my graphics card, I bought it 2 weeks ago or so, an 8800 GT. However now it's completely stopped working.
Problems first occurred while running Warhammer dawn of war II. There were green red purple dots all over the screen and I was forced to restart the computer the bad way.
Now I started the computer up again and went into device manager. There it tells me, under the graphics card, that: windows has stopped this device from working because it has been reported with problems (code 43). It wont even start any games at all.

I could use some help, is it a hardware problem or can it be fixed?
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  1. Did you buy it used and where?
  2. Was the card used? that would most likely be the problem.

    1. Try the card on another computer and see if that works.
    2. Try another card on your computer and see if it works.

    If the card does not work with the other computer, then it's a problem with the card.

    If the card does work with the other computer, it may be your motherboard/etc that's the problem.

    There's a trick to fix an 8800 GT with an oven, as the artifacting (colored dots) may be caused by bad soldering/ connections.

    ^^^Video on how to do it^^^

    if you need written instructions, just google "8800 GT oven trick."

    QUICK EDIT: you might not have to replace the thermal pads.
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