About to build computer tomorrow. suggestions on my build

Hi, i'm about to buy parts for my first gaming rig, anyone have any suggestions. I'm not looking to blow lots of money(hopefully this doesn't sound rude, worded weirdly) suggestions that will stay around this build will be appreciated.

Case Zalman Z11 Plus
Motherboard GA-z68A-d3h-b3
CPU core i5-2500k
RAM 8GB of ram ( havent figured out which one yet, will probs ask sales person)
Video Card EVGA GTX 460 Super clocked
Power Supply antec 620w PSU High gaming current
cooling cooler master 212 plus (me) w/ compound
wireless adap Dlink Wireless N 150
optical drive SH-222AL
i have my own harddrive

any thoughts before i go and buy these parts, the total comes to 727$ , 763$ after tax

- will this system run starcraft 2 on pretty high settings? also guild wars 2 and reckoning kingdoms of amalur.

Thank you very much
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  1. You could go with a slightly cheaper PSU, 500W is more than enough power for that setup. The Corsair CX-500 is good value.

    I would also check the price of the GTX 460 against the HD 7770 and HD 6850. They all give similar performance but the HD 7770 and HD 6850 consume less power. Just go for whichever is the cheapest of the 3.

    If possible as well, I'd go for a wired internet connection. It's faster and more reliable.
  2. you can also switch out the cpu for the 540 if you want save 30.00 there not much speed diff between the two cpu if you look at micro center web page. on ram two things will come into play on a build. is the ram on the mb vendor qul list. ie will it run with out any errors on your new mb. most people buy the ram then drop it in and find out mb wont post or it just reboots. the other issue is with air or 3 party coolers and the hight of some of the ram heat spreader. some of the new big blocked air cools now taller to let most ram vendor heat spreaders fit.also look into the warranty of the ram..some vendor like crucial give lifetime warranty on the ram. also look at vendor rma pollicy before you buy parts. some are better then other...
  3. The build will be great for those games. I would suggest you go with a GTX 560 Ti so that you won't have to worry about upgrading for a while. But if money is tight you can't beat how cheap the 460's are going for now.
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