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i was playing skyrim perfectly before, pretty smootherly good fps with radeon 4250, wasnt the greatest but it was ok, i have a fx 4100 4gb of ram. then i decided to update my radeon 4250 driver because i had to if i wanted to play battle feild 3. i did that and BF3 is choppy as hell and now skyrim is. my older driver was better for skyrim, the old one didnt let boot up bf3 and the new one does but its way to choppy for both games. and i did the auto detect and install from amd and i even chose custom and nothing works... what can i do to solve this?
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  1. I don't know man but a HD4250 is not a gaming card.

    You need a GOOD gaming card if you plan to play games like BF3 or Skyrim.

    I have an old HD5850 overclocked and that's about the minimum I would recommend for those games.
  2. You can roll back the driver but as geek said you need a decent graphic card not an old integrated one to play games.
  3. You need much more than a 4250 to play any game at all, the 4350 on my friend's computer will barely play League of Legends (on low). Getting better drivers is not going to help your card do any better in either of those games. To optimally play BF3, I would go for a 6950 or 560Ti if price was no object. But with those you will most likely need a new power supply, and by the looks of it, you might have a pre-built system.

    If you want a cheap good card that will most likely play both (BF3 on low), you need something like a 5670 or a 6670. It should run on stock generic power supplies (despite the requirement being 400W). I have put them in to many HP systems with garbage power supplies and they have worked fine.
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