My profile won't let me choose something.

I have tried for a while now to make my profile a male. I cannot. I get a message saying the change has been made, but it never sticks.

Is there any way to fix this? Who should I contact?

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  1. Can u log off, close the browser and log back in?
  2. Yes I can. I have done that a few times.

    I'd usually check my posts, log in, reply, change my profile, log off. Coem back, same thing still happening.
  3. Do u have any add block?

    BTW, what browser are u using?
  4. IE8.

    Add block? Nothing more than IE8 and malware protection.

    I can/could change other things in my profile no problem.
  5. Could u try the Google chrome or Firefox?
  6. But your profile is already set to (Gender: Male).
  7. Yes it does.
  8. I saw that too. But in my edit profile page it doesn't stay checked (it's a bullet format for male or female). And the picture has both genders in it. I know I havn't uploaded a photo yet...

    On another note, I keep trying to upload a picture. It's bigger than 85 x 85. But now it's a broken picture image (An X you might see near my name). I tried uploading a jpg. What should I do?

    Maybe I should have read this message that appeared: Congratulations, the file was successfully uploaded.
    It will appear when validated by the forum's superadministrators/administrators.
  9. Under personal details, the gender is unchecked for me too. ?? I don't understand waht you mean by "the picture has both genders in it". Also, pictures will go through moderation process before available.

    Edit: Now I can see your avatar just fine. Probably picture going through moderation.
  10. It seems fine now. Thanks for the info and help.
  11. When you upload an avatar, it doesn't show right away. They have to be approved by the admin team.
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