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Hello Tom's Hardware folks!

So I had a few issues with my new P67 motherboard so unfortunately I have to RMA it. So I figured I'd cannibalize the H70 from that build to send it to my HTPC in the living room that recently had it's obscure 100mm HSF fan stop working.

I am using an Antec Fusion HTPC case in the living room and it turns out it is HORRIBLE for the H70. So after 3 hours of modification I had it all back together and in the living room(this is at about 4 AM)

I turn it on, lights come on looks good. It seems to post fine but doesn't get to windows, just a black screen. So I restart and this time try to get into BIOS. No joy, can't get into BIOS now matter when/how I press DEL.

Hummmm... that sucks.

So today I re-attach. Look over connectors etc. I reset the CMOS, still no luck. So just on a hunch I disconnect the IDE CD-ROM. BAM immediate POST, BIOS access and normal Windows boot.

So I am making this thread to help anyone out there that MIGHT have this problem.

Incoming search parameters!

BIOS, NO POST, Boot, black screen, CMOS reset, computer won't start

Thanks for listening!
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  1. Also I got the Noctua NH-D14 for the i5-2500k build! WOOT! Yay for veiled upgrades using the HTPC as an excuse!
  2. on the cd-rom did you miss a row of pins when you were putting the pc back together or did you miss one end of the pins and bend/short them out. i have sen ide device hang a the bus before but most time with a cd-rom drive it the laser that fails and not the ide controller.
  3. It could also be a conflict if running a SATA HDD in "IDE mode" as SATA don't have CS/SLAVE/MASTER as it is presumed to be alone on the channel.
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