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ASUS HD 7970

I just received the card yesterday and it was very nice.
However, I have some question.

1. Driver ( Asus CD )
I installed the driver with no problem first time.
Later on, I found out I did not uninstall the older version of Nvidia and previouse of AMD driver.
So, I uninstall all of the driver and re install Asus driver. However the error message shown on log blog.
It was failed, ( installing driver ). I did something wrong??!!!

2. I finally format and re install Win 7.
It took just 15 mins. I installed the driver again and everything went ok.

Just small curious question

I installed the catalyst ( Asus-CD ), it shows " Express and Custom "
But, it was went thru without my click.... Anybody have seen that ?!!

I really need some advise due to my first build.

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    Express just installs all the drivers and tools that come with the CD for the card. No harm done.
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