Are these Temps ok?

Just put my new system together last week. Here's my specs.

MB - ASRock 970 Extreme 3 AM3+
CPU- Phenom X4 965 Black Edition with Zalman CNPS9500A Cooler
8GB of G-SKill DDR3-1333 RAM
Rosewill Redbone Case with 2 side fans, 1 Front, and 1 Back.
530W Raidmax PSU
Nvidia 9500GT PCI-Express Graphics Card

I overclocked my CPU to 3.7Ghz and everything runs fine. Temps according to CPUID HW Monitor is about 41C at Idle, and they stay around 68C when running Prime95.

I have read various opinions that these are fine, and others that state max temp these cpu's can handle is 62C. If that was the case, then my system should be fried by now. Just wondering if these temps are okay. It's been hot as hell here, so I expect my idle to be high. If I cool my place down with the AC, it'll drop to about 36C. Thanks.
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  1. Hi :)

    Idle is a little high, and the top temp is a LOT HIGH...

    Try reseating your cpu heatsink/fan with FRESH artic silver...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Here's an update. I re cleaned, and reseated my cooler not once, but twice with the same temps. It wasn't until I saw int he CPUID HW Monitor that my Core voltage was at max 1.5V. Apparently my BIOS automatically sets it that high. I switched everything to manual, put my voltage down to 1.35V, and now it idles around 34c, and tops out at 58c under Prime95. So far, I've been able to OC to 3.9Ghz at this voltage. I'll try for 4G, and maybe beyond once my cooler, and thermal paste sets in.
  3. That is not cool that the mobo did that. Good find though. When overclocking, Manual voltage is a must :)
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