Dusty case and psu..

I've built my system around 11 months ago.
I've been using it ever since for 2h/day on average.

I have a CM 690 II advanced and HX750 psu.

I haven't cleaned my case and psu since I built my PC - there is a bit of dust. The front dust filter is dusty and there's some dust inside the case and in the PSU.

What I'm asking is, Can I wait for a month or two before I clean it and blow the dust out? I have to wait for my bro to come over from the other side of the world to help me reassemble the pieces and stuff (he's a pro!).

P.S. my GPU and CPU idle/load temps are pretty cool (temps haven't changed since I built it)
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  1. Just open the side panel of your case and get one air spray. Blow the dust out of your system with out taking out the parts. This will keep you longer than 2 months..

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