Building gaming computer, Can this work?
i5 2500k
Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Z68 ATX Intel Motherboard
Three Hundred ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

All the rest of the components arnt as important. 8gb of 1600 ram, cd/dvd burner, windows7 64bit oem, antec 600w psu and so on.

The total comes to 690$ Im shocked on how cheap that is.. Gpu will come later, I will use my 5670 temporarily. Im just wondering if thats a decent setup and will run most games on high to ultra at 1080 for atleast a year or two once I get with a hd 7850 or a gtx 660.
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  1. Yes that will work together, just make sure that the memory you get is on the Qualified list for the Motherboard.

    That means you have to find the Qualified Memory list from the motherboards website and check to see if the model number of the memory is on the list.
  2. Yes, that looks like it ought to be fine.

    I would not worry about the memory list too much - it's a nice assurance if it is on the list, but these days if a mobo lists speeds like 2133 (O.C.) or 1800 (O.C.), you can pretty much take that to mean it'll run anything, there's just a slight chance you might need to mess with the settings yourself to get optimal performance.

    The one exception to that would be Intel motherboards (that is, the motherboard itself is made by Intel, not just that it supports Intel CPUs). Those things are notoriously rigid in what they will support, which is pretty much basic components at stock settings. I would personally never buy an Intel motherboard in my life for a machine I was going to use myself. Write that down.
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