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Concerned about heat

Just bought Sonic generations installed, played the first level and i looked over at my temp monitor and it was at a very scary 102c fearing for my life i alt f4'd the game, put the fan to 100% opened 3 temp monitors, W7 widget, Afterburner, and amd overdrive, and played the second level with the fan at 100% still 96c. should i be worried?

XFX 1gb 5770 ( stock clocks)
AMD 1100T X6
Gigabyte mobo
kingston ram

I'm at a loss for words.
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  1. Is that the CPU or GPU or some other component temp? Are you using hwmonitor? If not, get it, run in the background, and see what temps it reports.
  2. Celsius or Fahrenheit?
  3. GPU and i said in the original post 102c and 96c i will try that temp monitor in a few hours i can't right now, family are over.
  4. just a question did you put in the 6 pins power cable on the card
  5. 100c is bad for a GPU but not nearly as bad as it is for the CPU. You should take a look at the graphics card and see if it is leaning at an angle while attached to the motherboard. If it is airflow could be blocked. What is the capacity of the gpu while playing the game?
  6. I have one rule of thumb anything over 80c is death to the GPU, CPU, and anything else that is affected. Either you have no air flow in your case or your stuff is so close to gether that the combined heat it causing these temps. What is your PSU size and brand?
  7. What I'm thinking is the card has gone bad.

    1. Yes the Cable is plugged in.
    2. It's not leaning in anyway, it was at 100% capacity.
    3. The air flow should be fine i took care of that snag last year to avoid things like these. PSU is a 1k Antec id find a picture but i can't remember the exact name all i tell you is it has a racing stripe.

    The part that confused me is that the card to me at least does not as hot as it is saying to the touch, but the thing that puzzles me even more is that I'm losing a single frame.

    Edit: PSU
    Edit 2: Just tested with the new temp monitor, level was a little lighter graphics wise but still got to 93c.
  8. Clear out your cables so that the air can move easily...

    If you still have overheating issue after clearing out your cables, I think you should replace your card, with the coolers like Twin Frozer, Direct CU, Double D, IceQ, etc. So that you get rid of overheating issue
  9. Fixed ripped it apart, dusted and replaced thermal grease, under full load 47c cheers.
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    OK very nice :).
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