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Hello, Hope you guys can helpCPU AMD|PH II X4 970 AM3 3.5G %

I just purchased a combo from Newegg that came with this Motherboard: MB BIOSTAR|N68S3+ MCP68S AM3 R and this processor CPU AMD|PH II X4 970 AM3 3.5G. I've read mix things and want to know if anyone can help me:)

The manufacture website states that it is "recommended" with CPU 95W. The phenom II X4 is 125w. It has the phenom II X4 as a supported CPU, but I know there are a few different phenom II X4's available. My question is there a way to confirm these 2 will work together? If they do, is there a major trade off? I will be using this heatsink: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact. It will also be in this case: RAIDMAX|ATX-612WEBP BK and I've purchased a few extra fans. Help please :)

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  1. Its not guarenteed to work, the 970 is not on the CPU support list by biostar so i would say you have about a 20% chance of it being supported and working, CPU support lists tend to be the only CPUs that the board can run, and a 970 draws more power than the board was made for and would likely hurt it in the long run.

    As for the power supply that comes with that case, raidmax doesn't even sell it as a stand alone unit because then it would have to report the specs on it and just how old and crappy it really is. First thing i would do with that system is swap out the power supply to something that isn't a raidmax, logisys, apevia, or anything else that offers you a 500W PSU for less than $40, they are all little firecrackers in a tin can waiting to go boom.
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