Pc keeps crashing

I have been having issues with my home built system fro some time now since i put it together,
I was Initially having issues with the machine restarting after an hour to 45 minutes of tinckering not even being stressed at the time.

I have since had my 16gb of ram RMA and now have some new ram however the problem was still present.
I had updated all drivers, flashed the ssd card flashed the bios however this was still happening- the last tweak prior to a fresh install was to switch off the smart hard drive facility and then went on to stress test iof for 6.5 hours and this did not fault it, however when I switched of prime and went to the start menue it crached -NO BSD just reset and reboot.

I have tried to install onto a 2.5 hard drive however it would not get through in stall without crashing and corrupting the install.

I have since gone on to place a new fresh install of windows onto the ssd drive as the 2.5 issue prooved it wasnt the ssd drive issue.

So since installing the new windows 7 64 bit home edition, I have updated the bios and also started installing the drivers,
I have come accross another issue. After trying to install the latest drivers for the GC and rebooting after doing so I get past post and the windows splash screen and it goes blank- The hard drive inicator light is blinking away however the screen remains blank.

I have done several system restores to reslove this and gone back to the original drivers provided with the graphics card, however this is not working either- system goes blank after windows splash screen.

I am now thinking this is a Graphics card issue?

Any help and pointers would be greatful, am I on the right track?


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  1. The system spec is as follows

    Asus Sabertooth 2011 x79 // Intell 3630 // 3GB Saphaire Radeon 7970//16gb Corsair Ram // Crusial M4 ssd card //Corsair H100//750W PSU, Antec HCP-750//Asus Xonar DX/XD//
  2. 1. Try to update the BIOS, video card drivers, and SSD firmware/drivers. Since it's a relatively a new mobo, video card and SSD, sometimes the drivers it comes with aren't optimized.
    2. If that doesn't work, try to get an RMA for your motherboard. I think this may be the problem since you've been having problems with different aspects of your computer.
    3. If that doesn't work try to get an RMA for your graphics card.
  3. Also, seeing you have a 750W PSU, that may be the problem too. If a new video card and new motherboard doesn't work, try to upgrade to a 1000W PSU.
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