Thank YOU TH's Community !!!

Thanks to all the people that have helped me answer all my noob questions for my first attempt to built a computer. Here are my final selections from New Egg:

Corsair Carbide Series 500R Black Steel 129.99 ( 114.99 if I mail the rebate).
Intel Core i5-2500K 219.99
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 104.99
Mushkin E.B. 8GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 99.98 (because they had good ratings from users and look cool lol)
Mushkin E.C. 90GB SATA III (SSD) 109.99

ASUS DRW- 24X DVD Burner 19.99

ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 121.99

Pre- Total 806.92 (minus 50 in rebates + 115.12 on fed ex I hate UPS)
Total $872.04

I could have been less I had chosen the UPS route 806.92 – 50 = 756.92 minus 2.99 no rush = $753.01)

Have windows 7 home premium and I just need to buy the corsair h60 ( I don’t like the 212) at best buy for 70 some but have a 100 dlls gift card so is kind of free lol …and of course my free pair of 550 ti’s from my bro and wife ..not bad since something like this would cost more at wish was temting since they are offering the next new mobos on orders.

I waited for today in the morning to submit the order and thats good becuase there are alot of specials and promo codes check the complete you DIY red square on the main page.

I was not going to buy the power supply and dvd burner but i rather sell my current computer as is and sell the PSU to a friend who is asking ..that can go towards lowering my bill on this build

Thank you all, and yes, I'm happy !!
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  1. Very nice, that should be a rockin' little unit... If you haven't done SSD yet, that'll be a treat.
  2. Sorry if I missed your Original Post, but you don't mention a Hard Drive for storage.
  3. Uh 4x4 is 16 ha, nice system. Peace.
  4. I dont have a HD for storage cause I'm wating for father's day ...LOL ...just kidding buying one this week or next becasue I'm in this community program that pays me 50 dlls a month ,,and im just waiting for that and my paycheck next week and i can grab one at the local store ..does not have to be a fancy one lol ..500 should be enough ..dont use much the computer expect gaming and some low photo and video editing tools from windows ..dont have any movies or songs or much ..just my games and this summer is Diablo 3 and prob that will be it intill ...something better comes along ..usually rpg and mmo's is my thing along with some online magic the gathering card game ..and jest once year when i hate my boss i grab a shooter game untill i get that out of my system ..then back to normal happy rpg'sa nd mmo's lands lol ...
  5. yes forgot to add i did get 16 for memory lol so it should be 16 not 8
  6. I'd return half that memory, and get as big a HDD as you can with it and what's coming. But it's all good.
  7. I was thinking about it ..but ..i really want 16 gigs of mem ..I just want to say to my bro who recently got his DIY package last december from newegg " I have 16 gigs , I have 16 gigs na na na na na na !!! Yes we are that childish at near 40 years of age lol ..
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    Give 'em a :P. So there!
  9. To each his own. Bragging rights are fun. :P
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