Upgrade AMD 5850 -> 6950

I just upgraded from a 5850 to a 6950 and then back to the 5850 which I am on now. I get the 1 long and 3 short beeps stating no video card. I have gone thru the whole list of items on tomshardware

both PCi power connectors are on, cleared the CMOS
asus card and asusMB m4ab7td

plugged the 5850 back in fires up fine, card is brand new out of the box any ideas? maybe my power supply isnt up to it? both connectors are in the new card but the new card is massively huge compared to my old. no long annoying beep from no power to the video card
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  1. What make/model of PSU are you using?
  2. coolmax v-600

    I can put the 5850 back in fires up perfect. both card and MB are asus
  3. You could try it in another computer to see if it works, but it is entirely possible you have a DOA/defective GPU.
  4. Do you think this power supply is enough? I have to use the converter to make another PCIe because my PSU only has 1, should I pony up the bucks for a nice corsair, or leaning towards dead card
  5. It should be enough, the HD6950 is no more power hungry than the HD5850. Still, there could be an issue with the PCIe converter cable you used. Try connecting to another Molex connector.
  6. Did that, I tried the one I was using on my 5850, then tried the NEW one that came with my 6950, both worked with the 5850, and did not work with the 6950, the only thing I can think is I am not getting it "seated" enough, it looks all the way in but its MASSIVE
  7. I have a HD6970 and it is the same size as your HD6950, they are indeed big. As long as you retention clip (assuming you have one on your PCIe x16 slot you are using) catches and you attach the case screws, you are likely okay on seating. While unusual, it cold just be a dead card.

    BTW, you didn't try to flash your HD6950 to a HD6970, did you? If not, good. I don't recommend that. Too many things can go wrong. If you did try it, that could be the issue.
  8. Really looks like a bad card but getting a better PSU is not a bad idea, trusting your cheap generic coolmax to run all that expensive hardware is not a good idea!
  9. no flashing or funny business just straight out of the box and into the machine
  10. Card would be bad and still power up with the fans going and all?
  11. Sure, the function of the fans and the operation of the GPU are 2 different things.
  12. You could get a RMA of your card and get a new PSU :).
  13. RMA your card and gettign a proper PSU is not a bad idea.

    As for 600w should be more than enough. I'm running i7 2600k @ 4.6, 2x Asus DCii 6950 crossfire, 2x SSDs and a normal hdd all powered by an corsair HX650
  14. Zander1983, that is corsair my friend...
  15. refillable said:
    Zander1983, that is corsair my friend...

    And that particular Corsair PSU is made by Seasonic.
  16. went ahead and ordered a

    Corsair CMPSU-650TX Enthusiast Series 650W 80 PLUS Power Supply
  17. Good Luck, and if it is still not working, the GPU is defective, note that!

    Do a RMA :) if it is still not working.
  18. GPU should boot even on a PSU that has less wattage then required as long as it detects power to it's AUX power connectors. (as booting requires only idle power to the GPU)
    More then likely you have a DOA gpu and it's time for that RMA
  19. neoex said:
    went ahead and ordered a

    Corsair CMPSU-650TX Enthusiast Series 650W 80 PLUS Power Supply

    Good choice. And as Refillable said, RMA the 6950 if it doesn't work afterwords.
  20. Ended up the new card requires 50more watts to run and my power supply coolmax v-600 could not power it. the new corsair PSU runs it like a champ no RMA needed
  21. One more example how important a good quality PSU is! 600watts is actually more than recommended by card manufacturer and apparently Coolmax is one of those generic ones that can not deliver its rated output!
    Enjoy your new card!!
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