Graphics card problem

ok i bought a

graphics card and i have a acer aspire t180

specs are here

and when i start up the computer it would not show anything on the screen. are they compatible? and
if not why bc i upgraded the power to 450w and the ram to (max) 4gb.
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  1. Try to go in your Bios and set your default graphics interface to pci-e. Had this prob with my old P4.
  2. i did that at first
    check pci-e first for the graphics card.
  3. update all your motherboard drivers.
  4. Yes they are compatible.

    Uninstall motherboard VGA driver.
    Then install gpu driver.

    It will fix your problem.
  5. ok well i decided to contact power color and ask if they knew what is wrong they said that the card is bad so i returned it now i got the new one and i decided that the card was not going in all the way so i removed the face plate and pushed in back in the pci-e slot and it went in farther... but still did not work. i have made the bios check for the pci express slot first. i have not unistalled the vga driver bc it is my only working display and i do not need to restore the whole computer again. i have installed the gpu drivers. and i have a question. if you have the graphics card in and the vga cord hooked into the graphics card and it does not work and you take it out and hook it up to the onboard should the onboard work?
    oh and should i just take it to a microcenter for $40 or so and see if they know the problem? or is there another place that is free
  6. Uninstall all possible video drivers, reboot and try to install your radeon drivers. Windows will switch to using a generic driver that will offer basic video output so all wont be lost. Does the card fit in parallel to the motherboard? If not you may have the pci-e lock on preventing the rear of the card to seat properly. I've done this before and it sucks if you crammed and jammed the thing in there... I would recommend rounding up some old copper wire for grounding. Make sure you and the computer case are connected to some copper plumbing or the ground stake around your house. Don't ground to the ground in your wall outlets unless its all you have. Static electricity can be a killer of some nice gear. I don't mean to insult by my trivial questions or suggestions I'm just making sure all of the bases are covered. I've made my mistakes and have paid for it......
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