New power supply is causing.. lag?

I upgraded from 300W to 520W.

I am about to upgrade my video card, however for some reason my current one went from always under 10% usage, but now when I scroll or move windows, it's usage goes up to 100%. I don't know why, but it happened right after I installed my new PSU. Why is this? If I resize windows or do anything that involves animations, my computer lags! This is really weird.
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  1. 100% gpu usage or 100% cpu usage? If cpu, what process is it? Run DxDiag (installed as part of windows) or CPU-Z and look to see what clock speed things seem to be running at and what drivers are installed.

    Definitely strange.
  2. GPU.
    Everything is normal, nothing is over clocked on my system right now.
    If I move windows, it lags and spikes GPU usage.
    I'm using a GT 440, and on my 300W I could evidently play games and use my computer as normal.
    Now it's becoming unbearable.

    Do you think it's because I plugged in my two 6 pin connectors to my psu? The GT does not use them, but I plugged them in temporarily because I am going to update my video card soon.

    My CPU usage is normal, but my GPU is just spiking, and my games are lagging horribly!
    My 160 FPS turned into 20.
  3. My whole screen just flashed light light blue, then black, and now there's no lag.. what?

    Went in-game, then lagged..
    Yeah, this is really starting to worry me.

    Why is this happening? I installed the PSU a few hours earlier, and noticed some weird lag at random points. I recently restarted my PC and unplugged it, pressed the power button, grounded my self, and plugged in the two 6-pins.

    I tucked them neatly into a Hard drive bay, and that's about it.

    I don't know what I could have possibly done wrong, and I don't know how on earth the PSU is even affecting this. I've never EVER had any kind of weird lag like this, not even on my regular PSU.
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    What driver is installed? The flash is one of two things: TDR (means the driver crashed) or PnP restart (means the system updated the driver behind your back). If it was the latter, that would explain the improvement.

    I don't think its the cables hanging loose, but easy enough to pull them and find out.
  5. Well, my screen flashed black. I could only see my cursor, so I waited a while then powered down.

    Also, I have the latest nVidia drivers for the 400 series.

    Nothing was responding, everything was freezing, and it was just getting very annoying before the black screen.

    Startup was a bit rough, I couldn't open firefox for about 5 minutes.

    My game is playing fine, and everything seems normal for now.

    That was really weird...
  6. TestOne said:
    Do you think it's because I plugged in my two 6 pin connectors to my psu?

    If a PSU could be destabilized by a simple piece of dangling cable with no load attached, I would not trust it to power any semiconductors.

    The only load a dangling cable puts on the PSU is a few nanofarads of capacitive coupling between power and ground wires, which is insignificant next to the thousands of microfarads present on other attached devices. Furthermore, once decoupling capacitors are charged, their DC load is practically zero which makes them invisible as far as the PSU is concerned.
  7. Thanks for that Invalid. I'm just trying to figure out what it is, because right now things are still kind of sluggish. I am seeing some slight freezing in windows when they open. Boy oh boy.

    sorry, just realized I had three games open! Gee. Okay guys, I guess it was a driver update or.. Something that just can't be explained without further investigation. But hey, as long as it's running as it should, I'm happy. Thanks guys.
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