After cpu upgrade bios wont boot

First off, I'd like to say that when I was doing the install of the new cpu: Intel core2 quad 2.83ghz that everything went well as that I can install back to the old CPU: Intel core2 duo 1.86ghz. The trouble comes in when I turn on my HP Compaq DC7700 convertible minitower with the new CPU. With nothing on screen the first time, it fails to boot and the front lights turn red and it beeps 9 long beeps and then I have to cut the power. My resolve to that was obviously pull out the battery that retains the memory that the BIOS uses when it has no power. After the traditional 30 second wait time, I plug it back in battery and all and it "boots" but with no video outputed, not even just a blank screen. So I switch the CPU back and it turns on. I decide to try to upgrade the BIOS firmware, still the same thing happens. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Maybe your board does not support the CPU. Check for CPU compatibility lists from the manufacturer.
  2. Yep. If the motherboard does not support the CPU, then the PC will not turn on.

    Hopefully there is a BIOS update that will allow your PC to recognize the newer CPU. If not then there's nothing you can really do to use the newer CPU other than to buy a motherboard that will support that CPU.
  3. Alright. Well, I had bought this thinking that with the right socket and fsb I could upgrade without a problem. Seems now there's more to it than just hardware compatibility. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Yeah, Socket 775 had about a dozen or so different chipsets. You had 775's that only took Pentium 4's, some that accepeted Pentium D's but not C2D's, some that can't take C2Q's but most C2D's, some that can't take 8000 series chips, and some that can't handle the 45nm die shrink. Depends a LOT on chipset/BIOS support.
  5. HP Compaq DC7700 CMT doesn't support Core 2 Quad Processor. It supports upto Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz.
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