Lian Li PC-Z70 Enough Cooling?

I'm curious if this case will be able to cool all my components safely in my new workstation build? Mounting 1 H80 at the back 120mm port and one in the upper 140mm port with an adapter. With the side blowing fan array over the hard drives I'm concerned about the video cards heat level and airflow.

Lian Li PCZ70

1 Asus Z9PE-D8-WS Mobo
2 Intel Xeon E5-2687W
2 Corsair H80s
32GB of ram
9 hard drives
2 SSDs
3 Galaxy GTX 680 4GB
1 Areca Raid card
1 Blackmagic DeckLink
1 Blu-ray burner
1 Enermax Maxrevo 1350 PSU

Would love to hear people's thought and if I should ship this case back when I get it this week. As an alternate I'm considering the Lian Li PC-A77F (Silver version) and as a last resort the more garish racy Cosmos 2. Don't get me wrong the cosmos is awesome...just not the most professional and clean workstation it's huge.
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    This case has excellent cooling.

    Amazing build quality, ton of space.

    Everything stay nice and cool. The case and fans are much quieter than than the coolermaster 590/(2)8-bay esata cages that they replaced.

    Lian Li also does a great job of including just about everything you'll need from tons of different types of case and motherboard thumb screws to usb 3.0 to 2.0 interfaces to wiring organizers.

    This is truly a top not case.
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  3. Good luck ViperJPB.
  4. Thx & good to hear! I'm actually going to crack open the box today and start my initial build while waiting for my last parts to come in.
  5. :D Lots of space, u can go in elbows deep : )

    I can't believe to see someone to purchase this beast.
  6. Maximus IV Extreme-z Installed. Check that space : )

  7. Awesome! Yeah I figured if I was going to build a workstation of this magnitude I might as well go all in with the case.
  8. U can just load this with HDD's top to bottom : )
  9. Yeah I think I may have already maxed out the drive bays too. I have on order a matching Lian Li Grill with 4 2.5" hard drive adapter for one of the three 5.25" slots on its way.
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