How to repair a water damaged keyboard? MS Natural Ergonomic 4000

Hey :(,

I have a Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard from Microsoft and some keys now are dead after that just a small drop of water falled off inside the keyboard. I dismantled the keyboard and dried everything with patience but the keys X, C, V and some numbers like the 1 and 2 are not working anymore. What can I do? can I repair it myself? I need to buy a new keyboard (it was very expensive for me..)? if the layout of the keybed is bad can I buy it? I mean, if the water damaged something it would be just the layout of the keyboard and it is just two sheets of transparent paper with a layout drawed inside. Can I buy tjat? What can I do?

I really need help here! :(

Sry for my english.

Thanks alot.
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  1. buy a new keyboard, simple as that.
    Even if you found parts to repair it (which i highly doubt you will)_ anything left would corrode anyway.
    Happens with almost all laptops that come to me for repair with any spillage damage, even if's it's just water.
    You fix them and 2-3 months later they die from corrosion anyway.
    Not worth fixing imo, just replace the entire keyboard.
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