HAF 922 or somthing else? Looking for a case.

So im on a budget and have no need for a full tower. I'm looking for a case under 100$. Preferrably under 80$.

The #1 case for me io have looked at is the haf 922. It's got great airflow, plus room for plenty of fans. And it's huge.

It's two biggest cons for me is probably they fact that it has no dust filters, (cleaning it will be a HUGE pain every month or so) and the fact that it's 109$.

Anyone have any good suggestions?
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    here is a few coolermaster cases that are cheaper,i have the storm enforcer,the dust filter in the front is not great but its ok,is there any brand or style that you prefer
  2. What do you think about this case:
  3. How do you think it will fare against the HAF 922 is what i mean.
  4. Decided with a HAF 912
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