I5 2500k going up in price?

I've noticed that the i5 2500k instead of going down in price, goes up

Why is doing that? one year ago I could get it for 170€ in Finland (expensive stuff) but now the cheapest is 201€

Even the 2550k is cheaper at 200€

Really frustrating!
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  1. strange, the prices are 210$ for the 2500k and 240$ for the 2550k here, so is the 2550k perhaps on sale?
  2. no, it's like that in many stores
  3. No Intel CPU will ever go down in price, regardless of how old it is, unless the store selling it is subsidizing the price. This is an Intel policy not to reduce the MSRP of their products, if a store wants to sell it cheaper, Intel doesn't care, but they're not cutting them a deal on the wholesale rate.

    You may see it going up as availability of them gets scarce, my guess is merchants are the ones increasing the price to take advantage of the people who prefer the 2500K over its generational replacement the 3570K. Thats just a guess.
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    Basic supply and demand. While the production of the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K is still going on we are scaling it back to as production of the Intel Core i5-3570K grows.

    We have been known to drop prices over the course of the lifespan of a processor but once we discontinue a processor we no longer have any control over what the processor costs.
  5. Huh, interesting....

    I figured that the production of i5-2500k would have ceased by now.
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  7. ok thanks, will be on look for rebates on the 2500k :)
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