Corsair SP120

How would I be able to change the fan speed down to around 1200-1500? Right now, their reading to be at about 2100RPM.
I do have speedfan, but it seems not to be cooperating with me after fooling around with it, i figured out nothing. I have the Asus sabertooth x79, and i oculdnt find anything in my bios. Only just the fan RPM's.
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  1. You can try using a program like Speedfan or an Asus utility to control the fan speeds. If that doesn't work then you can get a fan controller; they make them to control anywhere from 1 fan to 10+ fans.
  2. 4700rpm doesnt sound right--where are you getting that reading from?

    120mm fans dont normally spin that fast

    looking on corsairs site the performance edition only goes to 2350 RPM

    and the quiet edition sp120 1450 RPM

    should have asus q-fan in the bios--probably under the power section or similar
  3. I read my readings wrong, 4500 is the one on my back panels (my apologies)

    After quickly opening up my case and reading the mobo, I got 2 3-pins connected (cha_fan2 / cha_fan4) and its not found on speedfan.
    As stated earlier, theres nothing about fan options on my bios, unless i'm really blind. lol
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    Go to BIOS > 1st screen should be the EZ Mode on the top right > click Exit > Select Adavance Mode > Under Advance Mode you'll see 6 different tabs.(AI Tweaker, Advance , Monitor and so on)

    Go to the Monitor Section ... you can change all your fan settings in here or if you have AI Suite installed you can also do it while in windows.

    Hope this helps
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  6. ^ I love you. AI suite was the easiest quickest way.
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