Radeon 6850 & Intel G620 bottlenecking?

Title says it all, lol. Well it be 10% loss? ()% loss? 40% loss!? :lol:

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  1. I don't think either would bottleneck in the slightest. The G620 is still a great gaming CPU, similar to the FX-4100 and not much worse than the i3-2100.
  2. OKay, great. Thanks for the reinsurance. ;)
  3. I concur. Those new Pentium chips are the equivalent of the high end E8xxx series Core 2's from just a couple years back. I had an E8500 with a 5850 and never saw the slightest bit of bottlenecking at 1080p resolutions. They're great chips.
  4. in the toms sub 200 gaming chips test, g620 doesnt even bottleneck a 7970 by much, let alone the 6850
  5. g620 will, but in cpu heavy games, like you will get fps down spikes as low as 20 in codbo at max settings but normally between 30-40 and above 40 with some lower settings.,
    no lagging in burnout paradise city, codmw2, codmw3.,
    little lagging (down to 30fps in city) in just cause 2 at high settings.
    Down to 15fps sometime in gta4 v1.0.0 and normaly around 40, as it uses around 50 threads.
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